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A night at the races! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
A night at the races!
Wednesday a bunch of us from work went to Speedway, the biggest indoor cart track in the UK. We got there early (about 7:30, we wasn't due to start racing until 9:00!) and got to see the nutters who were racing before us. That in itself was enough to scare half of us (myself included) as we saw karts traveling almost 40 mph hitting each other and the sides.

As it turned out the previous group were just a bunch of morons, our group didn't receive a single black flag (given for doing something very naughty) and there was only a single crash, and very few bumps. We did have a couple of very competitive drivers (mentioning no names but, P Lee, R Moir, R Kinnear, A Creaber) who I thought it wise to avoid, even to the expense of just letting them past me!

We had a choice of a heats/grand final type senario or an endurance type race which we chose by a large majority. We were split into teams of 2; I was paired up with Alison, a new lass from Rogers Team. She had been put off a bit by the specticle of the pervious nutters, so I was to race first, and she'd let me know when she wanted to swap. We swaped just twice, Alison racing for just 15 minutes, whilst I was in the cart for close to 45! The carts were damn fast (much faster than I'd experienced before) and seemed faster by the virtue of my arse being just an inch for the speeding tarmac!

Out of the fourteen teams taking part, we managed seventh place. I was more than pleased with that ... nothing specacular, but nothing to be ashamed of either.

After 45 minutes in the car (split roughly in the middle) I was totally knackered! It makes you realise how fit racing car drivers have to be. My arms were like jelly, and my back was very sore. When I got home and had removed my top (don't get too excited now boys and girls!) I saw I had two very big bruises on my back. By Thursday morning the whole of my back was a nice purple/blue colour .... hmmmmmm *purple* By the end of Thursday it was turning a nice brown.

Even as I type my back is killing me. But, all in all, it was a damn good night.

Current Mood: sore sore

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