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What ever hapened to Kim Rollins? - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
What ever hapened to Kim Rollins?
A long time ago in a galaxy quite close by, I found an online diary (of the sort you are reading now) by a total stranger from a long way around the world. It was linked from a page asking for AOL disk donations. It was the first online dairy/journal I'd ever seen. She appeared to be quite open about her life (I've since found out she wasn't quite as open as it seemed) and she had a great style about her writtings. I was hooked and read her journal from start to finish.

A short while after I'd found the site a message was posted there saying she had gone. All that was left was a link to her past journal entries and the promise of a link to new ones should they appear.

Over time I forgot about cirocco (as she called herself) and that would have been the end of the story, except I was messing about with some old web space of mine and there was a link to her old web pages. I clicked on the link and got a 403 (forbidden) which seemed a tad strange to me. (Oh I'm such a geek at times) So this prompted me to investigate a little further! A quick google search gave me the Rollins-Shipley Crises with news that what I'd considered her deepest thoughts were nothing of the sort. More of a mask over a troubled mind. Other google links provide glimses of her life post "Sugar and Preserve" but the reports taper out in June of 2001.

The strange part is (an perhaps this is the point of this somewhat rambling post) back when I read her diary, I thought I was one of very few, and it seemed almost an itimate relationship (Don't get the wrong idea now... I'm not talking intimate in the biblical sense!). I know now that I was one of many thousands, and that Ms Rollins was and still is almost a cyber celebrity! I still want to know what happened to her, how her life eventually turned out.

Some other random thoughts on a similar subject:
I'm not the most intimate of journalers, although I've made (public) posts of very private things, but I wonder if there are/will be people reading this and feeling "attached" to this rather incomplete persona. Perhaps LJ is different because it allows people to post comments. Perhaps it's different now because there are so many journals/blogs/personal web pages.

Will the "Kim Rollins affect" hit me again? Will one of my regular reads change from being a total stranger to being someone I mistakenly think is a close friend just becuase they post what I consider to be frank and open accounts of their lives? Am I the only person that has thought this, am I too easily cought up in lives other than my own?

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From: (Anonymous) Date: October 27th, 2004 09:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

Kim Rollins

Did you ever find out what happened to her ?
Use to read her page like a newspaper..daily.
Just curious
And to make it more interesting, I noted that her former, ex- whatever, Wil Shipley, the founder of Omni is gone too. His name went missing from the Omni webpage without a trace or a clue.
Darn I miss Kim
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