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*big* heavy balls - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
*big* heavy balls
Work is as busy as ever. I have to split out last years actuals in the new formats ... phased over 12 months ... which is going to be "fun" considering we changed our year end from March to December this year - so last year only has 9 months! I was reliably informed that we need 12 months - so I'll have to try and get the figures from Jan 2000 to March 2000 as well ... oh yeah - all this has to be done tomorrow ...
I sometimes wonder if the people who make these types of decision have even the remotest idea of how much work that requires? The big problem is - I probably will get it all done. I managed to catch one of the IT boys before they left this evening, and called in the remainder of all my favours owed. (After this - I probably owe them!) He has set a job running that should get all the account balances for the last 2 years, by month, by cost centre, by tomorrow morning. I will spend the *whole* day reorganising numbers so they fit into the strange new categories, and the figures will go out on Thursday morning, first thing, and the management will not even bother to thank me - because they'll think I somehow used magic to get the numbers into place.

[Me and Dave have this idea - We are going to give ourselves little awards to stick on the walls for jobs above and beyond the call of duty ... so that when (if) any senior manager comes to visit ... they'll read all the stupid things we've had to do for their whims. That way they'll know who to hand all that bonus money out to next year.]

During all this - I get the usual stream of mindless idiots asking stupid questions, and demanding my time because they cant be bothered to think for themselves. Tomorrow is gonna be an interesting day....

Today wasn't *all* bad. Even though we are probably the busiest we have ever been, I still took a whole hour for lunch - and I played pool at the new "All American" pool hall that's opened up near where I work. Does everything in the states have to be bigger than anywhere else? I'm used to a 6' x 4' table .. this must have been at least half as big again. and the balls were really heavy! ... It totally changed my game! I'm glad I did take the time to get away from work, the whole working through lunch thing only burns you out by the middle of the afternoon. But .... it did mean that I had to work late - it was nearly 10 before I left tonight.

Tomorrow I'm out all evening so I doubt I'll be able to post here ... will have to catch up on Thursday morning ...

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: April 3rd, 2001 03:23 pm (UTC) (Link)
And this, my love, is why you are the data god.
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