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Back in Romford ... at least for today.. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Back in Romford ... at least for today..
On Monday JT brought in a minidisk of "The Streets / Original Pirate Material" It's not the sort of tunes I would normally listen to, but the lyrics are fantastic, funny, yet also thought provoking. The disk was originally meant for TD, but what with him being without sight, I've nicked it for a while. I might actually go and buy the CD. I like it that much!

More on the TD thing, Beginning of last week TD came into work with a sore eye, thinking it was conjunctivitis, he pops out to see the doc. The doc tells him to skip work - cos that shitz is very contagious! Gets to last weekend, and his eye is still not better, so Monday morning it's back to the doc's who sends him to casualty, where he finds our his lens has attached itself to the back of his eye, or some such. upon hearing this all us lot at work weep in sympathy! My eyes are watering just typing about it! He's been signed off for this week - I might see him on Monday.

The GLamR to Oracle conversion is finally going well. I've had no end of stress getting this system tested, but finally it's all coming together. There are still a few problems - but none of them are show stoppers, and I no longer wish to kill Gus or Lorraine. Things were not so good at the beginning of the week. I think Tuesday had to be the worst, with me working through till 8, and missing out not only on a free beer, but meeting up with the "Supers."

In other news - I went to the Registry office to book our wedding Wednesday morning, only to be told I can't yet. I'll have to wait till after I get back from the States in November.

So it's "Rah rah rah and down to the dogstar" in an hour. Mr Coles will be turning up this evening, so I'll also be having a drink or two then. So much for the meagre be fit campaign!

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: October 4th, 2002 05:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Blergh. Poor TD. I wish you'd saved that little gem until a bit later in the morning though! ;)
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