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Resident evil ... or not. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Resident evil ... or not.
A normal type Friday ... Misty and I had drinks at lunchtime, and went to the cinema in the evening. Ever since the trailers came out for Resident Evil I had wanted to go see it. It seemed to have everything going for it.
Misty didn't particularly want to go, it's not her sort of film, but she very kindly suggested that was what we would see because she knew I wanted to see it so bad.

It started out great! There's a corp. making a nasty virus type thing, and some bad person steals it, breaking a vial on the way out. The whole place shuts down, and the computer that controls the place kills every-one off.
Enter a crack team (or is that a team on crack?) who need to shut the computer down and find out WTF went on. Lots of creepy stuff, noises, making people jump (so far - so good). There was some blatent Matrix rip-offs ... and the computer is reminisient of HAL in 2001. The memory loss, so that the main character (Milla) doesn't know is she's a good guy or a bad guy was swiped straight from Total Recall. All this should add up to a great film ... except it didn't. The plot didn't add up, it turns out the computer was helping out for the most part, yet it gets fried anyway at the end. The music didn't add to the drama/suspense .. it was too loud and at times inapropriate. And the ending ... what a load of crap. How any film that started off so well could end like that I have only one explanation for: who ever wrote it was getting bored with it, and thought - I know how it can end .. everyone dies except the main character... there ... the end.

I came out of the cinema with a deep feeling of loss, and I can only apologise to Misty for making her sit through such a badly thought out film.

Saturday : the bits for the bed arrived! ... /me does the happy dance again We now have a fully operational king size bed! I cooked Cheese and bacon burgers for breakfast ... which is a little unusual, but they turned out great!! After a bath, (and an afternoon romp) we went to the Albert.
The twilight zone force was in full effect again, with 3 weirdo's all sat together by the end of the night. Another strange happening, we was all chucked out by 11:30! Most disappointing it was too!!

Today we are off to see the band rehearse... so I need to go bathe now ...

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toyota27 From: toyota27 Date: July 22nd, 2002 03:52 am (UTC) (Link)
oi! no romping talk.. is banned.. coz i aint getting any! ;p
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