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Busy bee - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Busy bee
I'm busy today. I had a meeting with the boss again this morning. She has a lot more work for me n berone. So I'll update quickly about the weekend and just before.

Thursday : main event of the day : the bedstead arrived. Main disappointment of the day : the parts are not right! The base is for a 4'6", the head, foot and slats are for a 5' .. which is what we ordered.

Friday : meeting at 10 with the boss. Some guy from the tax department who has *no* clue as to what a survey is used for has designed a survey! (uh-oh) Myself, TD, and the boss explain that getting information from the survey into something useful (like a database) requires either a well defined pro-forma (or template), *or* a monkey to rekey 4,000 bits of information, adding their interpretation to some items along the way. Option 1: good, option 2: bad. TD and I "discussed the problem" in the moons at Liverpool Street station, before returning to Romford. Once in Romford, we joined the general work discussion in the Moons there!

Friday evening Misty and I drank a couple beers, grabbed some food, and saw a film. This is fast becoming our standard Friday night out, which is great :) Misty also bought Rachel some clothes while I watched the Iron Giant on DVD in Sainsburys. I tried to buy it there, but apart from the copy playing, they didn't have it :(
We saw Minority Report, which I liked, but Misty thought was a bit slow. I need to buy some Phil K Dick books. I really liked the writing style of "Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep," and having recently seen two films based on other books of his, and liking the storys, i want to see how much better the books are.

I'll update my amazon wish list accordingly :)

Saturday was something of a lazy day. Gareth (no cham, not you!) came round to see me, and congratulate Misty and I on our engagement. He brought presents too! Misty missed him (his visit was fleeting) whilst she was in the bath. I cooked breakfast, Misty and I went shopping <in joke>in the curvey girl store</in joke> and got the bargain of the year! :) ... not only that - it was a damned sexy dress too !! :D

We bought stuffed animals as well. I much prefer shopping for toys than shopping for clothes. :x

Saturday evening was spent watching the newly aquired Iron Giant DVD. We also bought Snow white and another Disney film that escapes my memory for the moment. the Lion King (thanks sweety).

Sunday we played pool. Well .. sorta. Misty cooked biscuits (Bianca: "those are funny looking biscuits") and I *made* Misty snort homemade lemonade. No really! I *MADE* her. Everything is my fault. :-p

Current Mood: busy busy

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