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New bed!!! (Pt 1) - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
New bed!!! (Pt 1)
Saturday I finished my style. It now has all 4 views working, and they all match. I have no idea what to call them, so I've called them StickySide - because the navigation bit on the side doesn't move. It's colour-free (it uses the colours you specify on your modify journal page), and there are no hard coded settings, so you should be able to use it straight out of the box (if you are that way inclined!)

Style listing:
Lastn:108708Style sheet
Friends:108709Style sheet
Calendar:108710Style sheet
Day:108711Style sheet

Sunday we were suposed to clear out my bedroom so when the bed arrives this week, we'd have room to put it! ... After yet another night of half-sleep and achey bones, we (that is *I*) didn't surface until the early evening. We had some dinner, drank a bottle of wine, and played Yahtzee all night. We realised that Monday (yesterday) was the last possible day to clear my room, so Misty set the alarm.... and we *got up on time*!!!!

Yesterday was a very productive day. Not only did we clear enough space in my room for the bed, we cleaned the room, and cleared enough space for a small football pitch as well. For a treat we went into Romford for a game of pool, and something nice to eat. Misty's pool game has improved greatly, and she won a game without help from me! We had Noooodles ™. As an extra treat I thought a film was in order. Misty had looked up the current films on Sunday, and we hadn't liked the sound of any of them, but I remembered the times when me and an old school buddy had gone to the cinema every Friday. There were occassions then when the only choice was three films that we'd already seen, and that neither of us thought were very good, but Friday night was cinema night, so we went to see the least crap one again!
So Misty and I decided it didn't matter that the films might be crap, it was the going to see one that mattered! Misty chose this time (as I had chosen last time) and we saw "What's the worst thing that could happen" ... and it was a very funny film!

Alders were supposed to phone me yesterday to see when I'd like the mattress to be delivered. By the time I got into the cinema, I hadn't recieved a call ... They called at a quarter to eight, *whilst* I was in the cinema. It's a good job that I'm a good boy and switch my mobile off whilst the film is on. The message they left was telling me that the mattress would be delivered "a.m." (from 8 til 1!) and he read my address back, if I had any problems I should call them back.

This morning on the way into work I recieve a call from a pissed off lorry driver. He's outside my house, he's been knocking for 10 minutes, and nobody is in. Now I know for a fact that my mother is home due to the fact she is agraphobic, and can't leave the house. So I confirm to him my address (again) and he tells me that is were he is at.
At this point I'm a tad worried, and more than a little embarrised (the entire bus is hanging on my every word) then I have a brilliant idea! I'll call my mum! I tell the pissed off lorry driver that I know someone is definately home, and I'll give them a call. If the front door isn't opened in 10 minutes, he can call me back. I phone my mum. She is chatting in the kitchen with my sister. I ask mum why no-one is bothering to answer the front door. Mum tells me there is no-one at the front door. I'm now *really* worried ... the stupid lorry driver must be at the wrong house, and I'm never going to see my new bed! I ask mum to check the front door anyway ... and there she finds one pissed off driver! Somehow they had managed to completely ignore the insistant knocking for 10 minutes. I ask her to say hi to the driver from me.

I now have half of a bed ! ... you can't believe just how hapy that makes me :)

Current Mood: accomplished accomplished

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tweezlebum From: tweezlebum Date: July 2nd, 2002 08:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Yay! There it is! :D
brightspot From: brightspot Date: July 2nd, 2002 11:32 am (UTC) (Link)
Congratulations, James and Misty!!!

Personally, I love the air mattress nights - the only part that sucks is the little children who ALSO insist on sleeping on it who roll and kick and toss and turn ALL NIGHT LONG!! ACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*grins, winks* Love ya!
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