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The weekend, the party, the rest. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The weekend, the party, the rest.
I'm been neglecting you haven't I? ....

The party on Saturday was awful. I knew about six people there, and of those six, I like talking to exactly none of them. Well - thats something of an exageration, but Misty and I just stood in a corner (near the beer) and waited the hour and a half before we could excuse ourselves. Our "pressing engagement" was a trip to "The Albert" for more drinks and karoke! My sister had to leave early to pick Dad and Bianca up, so Ann very kindly gave us a lift home. Of course payment is expected in the shape of a rasberry cheesecake!

Sunday was going to be a "tidy the bedroom up in preperation for the new bed" day... but ended up being a "laze around on a deflating bed day". Never mind, there's always this coming weekend!

Last night Misty made Lemon Meringue Pie! No matter what she says about it, it must have been good by the speed my sister and mother decended on it! We played Yahtzee into the night and polished off a nice chillean bottle of wine.

And this just in .... *.*.*.*. Mattress available *.*.*.*. Delivery immenent *.*.*.*. well next Tuesday anyhow *.*.*.*.

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emmyh From: emmyh Date: June 25th, 2002 04:21 pm (UTC) (Link)

gratefulness from a livejournal pleb

I mistakingly closed my support request before saying 'thank you', so i thought I would pop in here and say it. Many thanks! Forever indebted! Muchus gracious you clever person!

paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: June 26th, 2002 04:12 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: gratefulness from a livejournal pleb

Thank you! .. I only do it because I enjoy the challenge :)
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