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Footbal crazy ... Italy v Korea - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Footbal crazy ... Italy v Korea
What a lunchtime! ... TD suggested the pub for lunch, to see the Italy - Korea match. I had planned to stay away from the beer, so was reluctant until TD reminded me: just because I'm in a pub, doesn't mean I *have* to drink beer!

We missed about the first 10 minutes, in which I was reliably informed Korea had missed a penalty. After Italy got their goal in the early part of the first half, I thought it was all over. Korea seemed to be doing everything apart from putting the goal in the net. The Italians play was about the dirtiest I've seen so far, the shirt tugging and blatent diving spoiling what could be a skillful, graceful game.
The second half was more of the same, Koera having most of the ball, but lacking the skill or perhaps the confidence to finish properly. The Italians seemed content to sit back and let the Koreans play. With only minutes to spare, Korea scored the equaliser! ... and in the next 4 minutes had two or more chances at finishing it there and then!
With a full time score of 1-1, extra time comenced, and within minutes the Italians, more specifically Totti, were up to their dirty tricks. He mis-timed his dive into the penalty area such that it was clear to see he'd started to "fall" before the Korean defender had got near him. The ref had no choice but to show him the Yellow ... Totti's second of the match - so he was off!
I think this was when it ocured to the Italians that they might actually loose, and they played some of the best football of the match. They had a couple of chances that lacked the final touch, or were intercepted by the Koreans solid defence or quick reacting keeper.
I think in the end the Koreans just wanted the victory more, their constant attacks on the Italian goal would have to pay dividends eventually. With only minutes left on the clock again, the golden-goal was scored! Korea 2 - Italy 1

I almost managed to stay beer free, but the tenseness of the final moments of the match was just too much. Still ... a single pint is a lot better than the normal 3!

In other news .... I had an enjoyable weekend, lazy but very enjoyable :D

Saturady was the big game! I watched it from bed with Misty. I'm still not sure if she's caught the world cup fever... we'l see when we watch USA v Germany on Friday :) Saturday evening was spent in the Albert. Pete was on top form ("I'm only serious" after slating someone!)
Sunday when was back in the Albert to watch the Ireland game. They had their chances and blew it! ... After missing the Penalty in the first half it always looked bad for them if it came to penalties at the end. After a rather late Sunday lunch, Misty and I watched The Cube.

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teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: June 18th, 2002 11:42 pm (UTC) (Link)
Let's just say the office here in Milan was very quiet post the South Korean Golden Goal - expect the last thing they wanted was the auditors asking 'em rec questions .... oops ;o)
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