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Better late than never - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Better late than never
A good place to start? ... why let's try the beginning. Friday I was ill ... it was entirely self inflicted, so I expect no sympathy.

There was a "happy hour" Thursday night, and some of the big nobs from London were out and about. So I had a couple (or 9) bottles of some weakish looking beer. After the free drink stopped we moved next door to the Spoons. I love the Spoons ... but they keep running out of my favourite beer! So I ended up drinking something else (I have forgotten what, I'm not sure I would have remembered the following morning either) We was a reduced crowd by this time, but we did have Roy Kinnear and a guy called "Ioan" (pronounced yo-ann) with us. Roy is head of the European Finance Division or something - someone I didn't expect to be drinking with low-lifes like myself. After the Spoons had chucked us out (it was closing time .. we didn't do anything wrong) I thought I was to go home ..... but noooooo. Roy is something of a party animal too ... so we make our way to Brannigans. By this time I am well on my way to being absolutely out of my face drunk. After a single drink Mr Murph and myself make our excuses and make our way home. The buses had stopped so I got a Black Cab home to the tune of £10.

Back to Friday morning, I got up and ready for work, but I had a cold sweat, and after a hasty rush managed to throw up all that was ailing me. After that first thing in the morning I decided to wait until lunch to decide if I'd go in. About 12:30 I decided I still felt like crap, so I stayed home.

Friday night I did the usual headless chicken thing just before a journey. I hate traveling! After putting half my wardrobe into my bags (thats not as impressive as it sounds, I dont have that much in the way of clothes) I went online or a couple minutes to say "Hi", and "See ya tomorrow" to my love.

Saturday I got up at 7:00, left around 7:30, and was at the airport at a record 9:00. Me n sis had breakfast before she set of back home.
I was the victim of "random luggage checks" twice ... Once for my checked luggage, the other for my carry on, but nothing came of it. I guess I shouldn't wear the leather jacket to the airport.

I have this theory that the world is fucking with my mind ... I see stories on the news that seem to mirror my life is some subtle way, stories in films, people around me seem to mock me in their actions. Perhaps I really am getting paranoid! ... but whilst queuing for immigration the guy stood behind me is talking to two young ladies behind him ... and he's telling them about how he met a lass on the internet, and how he's traveled from London to meet her, because she lives in Raleigh. Now I'm not sure about how many people meet up from the internet ... there's probably a couple thousand or so. But people who travel 4,000 miles to meet up with someone they met online? ... I'm betting there's not so many of them. And for one of them to be stood behind me in a queue in the same State that my girlfriend, who I met online, lives? ... I'm guessing that's million to one shot or more. The world really is out to get me! :)

Saturday evening I got to see the ring ... There's a digital picture or two of it now, but I have no way of posting them yet .. you'll just have to wait till I get home. It's *beautiful*!! Misty liked it too >weg<
So we're now officially engaged! ...

Well this has turned into a bit of an epic ... so I'll stop now and catch up a bit later.

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blaisey From: blaisey Date: May 22nd, 2002 09:22 am (UTC) (Link)
Congratulations =D!

>huggles and kisses the both of you
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:10 am (UTC) (Link)
fank ewe sweetie >huggles<
dissolved_girl From: dissolved_girl Date: May 22nd, 2002 10:05 am (UTC) (Link)
hehe glad you made it over there in one piece >hugsya< Congratulations and i'll be seeing you two june 1st :)
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:11 am (UTC) (Link)
>hugs< I'm looking forward to it ! :)
From: deathsblade Date: May 22nd, 2002 10:17 am (UTC) (Link)
yay! for the engagment!
*hugs and congratulations and all that mess*

you two are koot. :)
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:12 am (UTC) (Link)
yay indeed!!

thanks dear >hugs<
brightspot From: brightspot Date: May 23rd, 2002 02:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Congratulations on a wonderful catch....for both of you!!

Gawd, you two amaze me...*hugs for ya both*
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:13 am (UTC) (Link)
~{*~{*~{* huggles mom *}~*}~*}~

Thank you hun >*mwah*<
From: stolensolitude Date: May 23rd, 2002 07:11 am (UTC) (Link)
Holy night in shining armour! Congratulations to you both! *sigh* I just cant wait to see weddin pictures. *sap*
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:14 am (UTC) (Link)
lol ... ya sap! ... you'll hafta wait till the end of next year for the weddin photo's ... but I'm sure I'll have some nice engagement photo's to put up here soonish :)
From: stolensolitude Date: May 28th, 2002 09:34 pm (UTC) (Link)
lmao I know I know I'm nuttin but a sap of a dwarf... What can I say? Annnnd engagement photos will have to do. But could you hurry up and make it the end of next year? lmao I know you and my lil Chickadee are gonna have a beautiful life together. Not to mention she's going to make a beautiful bride. You're a lucky man my friend. :)
toyota27 From: toyota27 Date: May 24th, 2002 04:06 am (UTC) (Link)
congratulations on the offical engagement :) Hope you are having a great time!

take care
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)
fankies ... I had a fab time ... >hugs<
From: alaurablue Date: May 24th, 2002 03:05 pm (UTC) (Link)
yayayayayay congrats to ya both!!!! hugsss
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:16 am (UTC) (Link)
fank ewe :D >hugs<
teya_uk From: teya_uk Date: May 27th, 2002 03:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Congratulations hunny - now it's all formal ... wish you both the best of everything xxx

And stop drinking fizzy beer - ya know it don't agree with ya!
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: May 28th, 2002 04:18 am (UTC) (Link)
fankies :)

And damn the fizzy watery beer :(
17 comments or Leave a comment