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Me 0 : Dice 4 - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Me 0 : Dice 4
This morning I was suffering slightly from self abuse last night ..... no - not that kind of self abuse you dirty minded reader, eating too much and drinking cheap watery beer! Although I had a great time, last night was not a particularly sucessful night on the betting front. I decided to play a bit of a game ... for every race (all 13 of them) I wuold place 2 bets ... one on a dog or dogs that I had chosen based on their form (or at least my understanding of their form) .. and the other bet would be govened by the dice!! ... 6 dogs run in each race, there are 6 sides to (the standard) die ... The experiment was to see whether I could out perform blind luck by using all the information available to me.

And the results? ... The dice place a £1 bet to win on their selected dog for each race. I placed a 50p trio on each race for the top three dogs (IMHO) to cross the line in any order. My bet cost £3 a go (there are 6 combinations of 50p stake)
The dice won 4 of the 13 races ... which is substantialy higher than the statistics say they should, and ended up in the black by a couple pounds.
I won 0 of the 13 races ... which is statistically about right for the type of bet I was placing, but with my *extensive* knowledge of form was a little disappointing, and ended up in the red to the tune of £39. Plus add on to that the £20 of beers, the £15 taxi home, the £5 taxi there, and the £14 meal ... it was not a cheap night!

What does this prove? ... well - that I could never make a living out of gambling.

On the bright side, it was an exceptionally fun evening, almost despite the food service and the quality of the beer. I was in fine company, and we had good laugh. And at the end of the day - you can't ask for more than that.

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