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Blade II - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Blade II
I went to the cinema to see Blade II last night. Like everything in life recently it was a drama. I live near Romford (for my sins). My mate Dan lives in Romford (for his sins). Dan's mate Sham lives in West London somewhere. Sham tells us of this fantastic new cinema near where he lives, so me and Dan travel half way around the M25 to go see it. When we got there it turns out to be someones front room (ok it was a real cinema, but it was *tiny*!) The picture quality was ok, and there were no morons sat behind us, so I suppose it wasn't all bad, but it did mean that the round trip was about 150 miles, and I didn't get home till just gone midnight, and so I missed chatting to Misty :(

The film itself is good, providing you don't want a deep meaningful story ... or indeed a shallow meaningless story .. or a story of any kind. The special effects are special .. and if there was an award for most vampires turned into sparkly stuff it'd win easily. Needless to say it will join my DVD collection as soon as it's released :-D

In other news ... my luck with computers in general is not improving. I bought two hard disk drives Monday so I can get my machine at home working again. I installed both drives tonight, and one of them doesn't work. I think I should move to a tropic isle with no lec-trickery and live the simple life.

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