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Mostly harmless ..... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Mostly harmless .....
I have changed floors at work. Instead of being on the third floor at the front of the building, I'm on the econd floor at the back. So friday I had to pack all my stuff into crates, and this morning I had to unpack them all. I'm sat in with Roy's team now, so I have to look busy a lot more! We'll only be here for a short while, and then we'll have to move again .... I do love working here at times!
The positive side of this is my desk is clean again. I threw away about 2/3 of all the filing we had. Old projects where the people involved have left, or the systems no longer used. It should make it easier for us to move next time!
I have worked in this building for almost 12 years, and always on the 3rd floor. I wonder if I'll get used to only walking up 4 flights of stairs before I have to move again?

Today is the 50th anniversary of Douglas Adams birth.
Happy birthday Mr Adams, where ever you are.

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