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On being left ... and alcoholism - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
On being left ... and alcoholism
Some excitement this weekend ... of a kind the world would be better without. One of my friends wife left him Friday night. When he called me he was a little cut up (as you would expect) so I went over to visit him.
We got some beers from a local off-ie and we had a chat, got pissed, and watched moody films into the small hours. Saturday I woke up about 11:00 with a really bad head and a mouth like the bottom of a zoo cage, so we went to the local pub for some food, and another beer (of course). While we was there, we received a call from the other members of the band I used to be in, so we decided to stay in the pub and meet them there. It turned quickly into a boys night out (there was a good band playing in the pub) and many drinks where had, and much steak baguette was eaten. At about midnight we was thrown out of the pub and I went "home" to see if I could chat to Misty. Obviously my mate doesn't have AIM on his works laptop, so I had to install that, and eventually I got online to find Misty was not there!
I fell asleep shortly after than, and was woken up a couple hours later by the boys returning with kebab!! (I had taken the key, so they needed me to let them in) ... The chili sauce was a bit over the top, and before long my mouth was on fire!
Sunday morning arrived to see me in a very bad way .... after a cup of tea we all went to the studio for the band to practice... except we was *all* in a bad way ... so little practice was done ... and much moaning about heads and stomaches went on.
My mate was still upset, but over the worse (for now) so I went home ... where I lay in bed feeling wretched.

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