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Thank Crunchie it's Friday.... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Thank Crunchie it's Friday....
The weekend is *soooo* close... and although there still seems to be a never ending amount of work to do, I have completed a lot of tasks I had to do this week. The new GL is in and working. The December balances have all been converted to the new codes and posted, January transactions have all been converted and posted, Februarys reversals have also been converted and posted. The GL is now completely up to date. The only thing left to do is teach the finance staff how to use it!

Jimbo rang me this afternoon, he has created a web site for the band... and the colours match my journal ! .... go here to read about the band I used to play in.

I will be going to a party tomorrow night (Andy's) so I'll probably update again on Sunday.

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