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Parcels tied up with bits of string ... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Parcels tied up with bits of string ...
Friday I got home from work late, and found a parcel from Misty. :) ... It had lots of goodies in it, including a Wolfsheim CD, lots of smelly candles, and two sheep! (One hand made!) That girl is so good to me. Friday was a shitty (busy) day at work, and that really cheered me up.

And at long last came the weekend ... and what a weekend! Yesterday I downloaded a patch for every game I own, so all my games are up to date. I love getright. You tell it what you want downloaded, and it goes and downloads them, one by one, remembering where it got to when I loose my connection (as I do every 2 hours).
I watched a couple of films while my PC was busy, then I gave Misty a call. I also downloaded IE6. This seems to have been a bad idea as my PC now acts strangely, and my homepage doesn't load properly on it.

I woke up late this morning to find out my sister had locked herself out of her car *yet again*. You would have thought she'd have got a spare key cut after last time, but obviously not. After spending 3 hours in the cold trying to break in to the car, and it starting to rain, a stranger who's girlfriend lives across the road managed to get in after just 10 seconds! After attempting to close the door "to try again" (Jo was quick enough to stop him and get the keys first) he fail miserably to get it open again.

Karaoke Pete came round and performed magic tricks for us! He can also shuffle and cut cards with just one hand. I will *never* play cards with him!

It's nearly tomorrow .... time for some shut eye.

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