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Go lives, party life, and one hell of a hangover. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Go lives, party life, and one hell of a hangover.
Some people have been nagging me because I haven't posted recently. I've tried to update a few times in the last week, but time is not always on my side.

So I'll update now, even though there are a few hundred things I should be doing.

Work is busy atm. Last Friday we put a new general ledger system in, and a new reconciliation package in. This is the culmination of more than six months work by a lot of people. There was a time when I thought it would never go live, we was behind on so much, and some of the project managers where made redundant, and new ones who did bugger all were brought in. There was not a lot we could do on Friday, just make sure all the users could sign in and get to the Bournemouth server. I ended up remembering the ftp password for the Bournemouth site, which is quite impressive as it's a jumble of characters and numbers. Friday evening I joined JT, Pete, and Stuart at the pool hall where I obliterated JT. it wasn't so much that I was playing well (although I did have my moments) but JT just couldn't pot a ball. It was almost embarrassing.

Saturday I was back in work during the morning (I got in earlier Saturday than I do most week days) and me and Dave had to "prove" the overnight batch. There were some differences we knew would happen (they hadn't quite finished the code before it went live, but we wasn't allowed to change it until today.) so a straight forward compare just wasn't going to work. By midday we had successfully compared the inputs and outputs, and the only errors were the ones we had expected. It was a little bit of a shock, but also a damn good feeling! After some pizza (the company felt guilty for making us work all these hours, and bought us lunch), and after Dave and I had finished tying up some loose ends, we went to the pool hall. Unfortunately my luck from Friday night had left me, and Dave comfortably won the first few games, but I managed to stage something of a comeback towards the end. Dave had the overall victory and beat me in the last game.

Saturday evening was Jim's party. I haven't seen Jim for ages! ... maybe June last year or something. We had a fair amount to catch up on, and I managed to get totally drunk. We ended up watching Hellraiser III until about 3 in the morning. Jim had recently gone to a school reunion, and a couple of old school mates were there too. It was a good evening. I was woken up by Jim's niece and nephew, and his mum coughing her lungs up! I feigned sleeping and they left me alone. Just after midday, after watching some quality TV, Jim and I wandered over to the pub in the rain for some food and heir of the dog. It was just like old times, Sundays were always spent in the pub chatting.

Kerry was nice enough to drop me off at Basildon so I didn't have to get a train to Romford and then a bus home, I could come straight to Elm Park by train. After a much needed call to Misty, I slept like the dead. It seems I really am getting too old for all this!

I managed an early start on Monday, and since then work has been a matter of checking all the new postings and correcting the known errors. As of tomorrow this should be fixed, but we'll see then.

Tonight Matt popped over. He sold his PC a couple years ago but has decided he misses the link-up's, so we built a PC out of my spare parts tonight. He seems genuinely pleased with it, so we should start the sad boys link-up club soon.

That's about all for now ...

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dissolved_girl From: dissolved_girl Date: February 7th, 2002 02:59 am (UTC) (Link)
LoL flock of seagulls >rolls around laffing< do you member that blokes hairdo!!! hahahah :X sorry and you seem to constantly be saying you're old... stop dat cos that means i'm old too! >whaps you
paranoidandroid From: paranoidandroid Date: February 7th, 2002 09:30 am (UTC) (Link)

So there !

You *ARE* old ... you remember Flock of seagulls ... thats OLD ...
and you are too old to party, or go out, or do anything ! :-p
dissolved_girl From: dissolved_girl Date: February 7th, 2002 05:06 pm (UTC) (Link)

Re: So there !

baaaaah yes but you don't hafta keep reminding me am old!
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