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I woke up late this morning (about 9). I dont usually get up till 9,… - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I woke up late this morning (about 9). I dont usually get up till 9, but I usually wake up an hour or so before that! After reading for a couple hours, I got a call from work! That's one of the not so good reasons for having a mobile phone. It was Whavey Davey with a problem about the EMEA reporting. There was a couple new cost centres and some figures had been moved (again). He'd managed to add the new centres, and add them to the totals, but the September figures were not appearing. After a quick talk through of the "months A-Table", we was cooking on gas again! I started breakfast, and got my second call of the day from Davey. The T&O stuff looked great, but the overal bottom line didn't come back. After a quick descusion, and a couple shortcuts we come to the conclusion that the bottom line was probably wrong, and he went of to bash heads. About 5 I got a txt from him saying it was the bottom line, that crazy guy Stoneman had been playing with the figures and Davey was about to kill him. All's well that ends well. Nice to know I'm that important!! We traveled quite a lot today too. Me at the wheel, Gary reading for most of the day. The wind is seriously begining to get on my wick. We arrived at our planned destination to find no mooring spaces free. Luckily we was not that far from a boat yard, the boat yard we stayed in the first night out. Gary is a bit pissed off because the TV reception is shitty I've hidden away in my cabin again, this time with a bottle of port, a book by James Herbert, and a big packet of crisps.
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