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The eligible bachelor - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The eligible bachelor
As promised on Friday, here are some of the classic stories from our little reunion group.

Simon Bulter is a young, good looking, cheeky, and self confident chap. He worked with me about 6-8 years ago. He credits me with teaching every thing he knows about how to look busy and get away with doing very little work. He has a way with getting away with murder. He is the only guy I know who can get away with the cheesy chat-up lines he uses, and still look good.

Just after he left S&P (as it was then) he fell in love with a lass at his new work place. Now it's not like Simon had never fallen in love before, he fell in love almost every day on a regular basis, but this one was different. This one was an older (my age - simons still only 24) woman. An older, very smart (Phd in psycology) ex Model, australian lass. I met her at one of Matt's mad parties, and I honestly though Simon had finally met his match.

He went to Oz to visit her folks, and they spent most of their time here together. So when her visa finally ran out he was like a puppy who'd just lost his tail. He went to visit her, and she came here to visit. He finally proposed to her, she accepted, he was a puppy with a tail again.

The wedding was arranged, they were to be married in Las Vegas, and the flights were booked, and friends and family had booked holidays. Two weeks beore the wedding, she got cold feet, and told him that although she still loved him, she couldn't go through with it. He went to Las Vegas anyway with a couple of his friends, ended getting an upgrade on the flight on the way out, and got invited to a party with a supermodel. (He told her his story, and she felt sorry for him!). When he got home, a friend of a friend (etc) told a reporter about the story, so they called him, and he gets interviewed and they devoted about 3 columns in a weekend supliment to his story. He was driven to a studio where he was fussed over by a make-up artist, has his hair done, and finally some glossy photo's taken.

He has been stopped in the street since, and strangers in a resturant have given him "helpfull" advice out of no-where. Needless to say he had a copy of the interview on him on Thursday night. He really does live in a different world to the rest of us.

If I've missed anything out - I'll fill it in later ....

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