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Houses, IT Idiots, Bowling and Drunkeness - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Houses, IT Idiots, Bowling and Drunkeness
I've been neglecting you again. Things have been a little busy. We'll start with the house. I had a look wednesday night, and at the time I was undecided. It must have been a two bedroom place at one point with an upstairs bathroom, and someone has moved the bathroom downstairs, and converted the room into another bed. This makes for a very small bedroom! ... After seeing it in daylight today, I'm pretty sure it's not the one for me. It was in a great position, not far from where I live now, but it's no good.

It finally took the gimps at work 2 days to restore my network account, and even then they managed to loose some of my work and my email settings. I was not a very happy person. It's laughable to know that even after they had deleted mine, and I had complained, and HC had kicked up a great big fuss to some boss guy in CSC, they *continued* to delete accounts! Another two disappeared on Thursday!

We bowled again on Thursday lunchtime. Me and JT have got a bit of a rivalry thing running now. On Tuesday he beat me in the first game by a couple points (135 to 132) and in the second game (which he didn't play) I got 137. He ribbed me about having a higher average! Thursday I smashed his top score with a 166, which in the second game he managed to beat with a 169. his average is still better than mine! ... We'll see if his luck lasts! :)

Friday I went for a blood test. It took me about 20 minutes to get there, then the half hour wait to be seen, then 20 minutes to get back to work. Then they ring me up to tell me the tests I needed can't be done on a Friday. *W*T*F*!?! Why wasn't I told this when they sent me for the damn tests? I have to go back tomorrow and have one of the tests again.

Friday evening was fun. All the accountant types at work had a big meeting about the new accounting type procedures. Can you tell how interested I was? It meant the office was empty all afternoon, so that meant I could get on with some work without being interupted too much.

Friday evening was planned to be a few of the usual Finance people out for a beer. Due to the meeting there was a lot of big cheeses down from London, so it ended up with almost half the department down the pub. The nice side effect of this was Ian Swanson putting his corp. card behind the bar! I got merry, but then thats not particularly difficult just now, and when I finally got home I had a long and interesting chat with Misty.

Yesterday was spent partly hung over, partly working, partly going to the pictures with my dad to see Lord of the Rings. That film is well worth seeing twice!

Today I have been playing with my web pages some more, I have been trying to get a javascript expanding menu to work for the best part of the morning. I think it's there now.

All of this fine HTML/coding and the content is still as empty as before. A bit like the lack of posting here in LJ land! I will have to make an effort to start filling in the gaps!

Hmmmmm now I'm hungry ... I think I'll go raid the kitchen

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