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my health : a story in many parts (pt4) - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
my health : a story in many parts (pt4)
I went to the hospital today. After the farse of last time: waiting for an hour for some doctor to tell me to come back in 2 months time ... yup - thats all he did tell me ... my boss at work suggested I go get a second opinion. His wife works in the hospital, and her friend there is one of the rheumatology secretaries. To cut a long story short - I got a letter from my GP to go to see this guy, Dr Kelsy, but the rub is - I have to pay. Well - I'll get the invoice for todays consultation in about 3 weeks, but it was probably worth it. First off he actually talked me through the tests I've had. Second he explained most the things it could have been, he gave me a thorough examination, asked the same embarrising questions my GP first asked, gave me some MORE blood tests, and finally gave me some tablets for my sore joints. Even if it turns out to be a couple hundred quid, it was worth if just for the peace of mind, and the drugs. He said the first doc I saw was a good doctor, and that I should keep that appointment, and he would pass on all his notes to him so he would have the benefit of the results from the extra tests today. All in all, a damn nice doc.

I'll let you know just how much the doctor stings me for in the next exciting episode of ... my health : a story in many parts

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