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CD Shuffle - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
CD Shuffle
Over the last couple of days I have been sorting through my CD collection. I wanted a specific CD, and it wasn't in it's case (another CD was) so I took the CD that was in there out, and found that case, needless to say that too had a CD in there that shouldn't. After about 6 hours of this I have now got all the CD's in the right cases with the exception of about 8, which I just cant find the damn cases for. I have been ripping my CD's onto my computer, so I can listen to music while I chat, and to just play random stuff that's not possible unless there is a CD player out there that will take the 600 or so CD's I've got, and connect to my current Hi-Fi system .. and fit ... and ... yeah - you get the picture.

In all this hunting through CD's (half of which where in boxes) I found a CD we made when I was in "the band" ... we were called spudgun (well - we was eventually, at first we was called Face Value .. but people thought we was a Phil Collins tribute). Playing it brought back a few good memories ... I'll have to rip a couple MP3's and put em somewhere so you can all suffer ... er... listen to then too :)

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