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My Health : A story in many parts (Pt3) - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
My Health : A story in many parts (Pt3)
I went to the doctors this morning.

He has had no word from the hospital about any of my tests, and he thought *I* might be able to fill him in; I had gone there in the hope he could tell me something!

I have been signed off work until the end of next week. I also had an appointment at the hospital this afternoon with the rheumatologist. The appointment was for 3:00 and I arrived at the hospital at 2:20. I don't mind being early - it's always better than the rush of being late.

The fact I wasn't seen until 4:10 was a bit much though! He has the results to many of the tests I had while I was in hospital, and they are all negative (I dont have rhuematoid-arthritus I'm glad to say). But most of my "globin" levels are high, so my body is fighting something >shrugs< great!

My interview lasted about 3 minutes, and I've been given an appointment for the end of January! Plus I need to arrange for yet another blood test 2 weeks before. Well that seemed like a royal pain in the arse for absolutely zero. I left home at 1:45, and I get back at 5:20 - all to be told they still know zip.

Oh - they did take yet another pee sample. I think they must be collecting the stuff.

On a brighter side of life, I returned to the friends reunited site, and about a dozen of my old class mates have signed up. I mailed a couple of them last night - and I got my first reply back this morning. It brought back a lot of memories of times at school, good and bad, but always simpler. I'll mail him back asd soon as I've finished this.

All in all - life is not that bad.

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