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Rants and Raves - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Rants and Raves
The world is beginning to get me down a little. So I'm about to rant. If you are down, feeling a bit depressed, or just dont want to hear the opinions of some whiny ass Brit, best you skip this post.

I was browsing a news site at lunchtime for anything not realted to the attack on america when I came across this article. This was kinda the last straw, and I got on my soap box a bit at work and scared the living shit out of the guy who sits opposite me. He's never seen me rant before. There are a couple things wrong with that news article.
1) These people are dumb enough to buy a gun thinking they can protect themselves from terrorism. "DUMB FUCKS!" How is a gun going to help against a bomb stuck in a rubbish bin? Or against a guy wearing enough C4 around his middle to blow up a small town, or against an plane falling on your town? Abso-fucking-lutely NONE. Leave the guns to the military, it's bad enough them dumb fucks have to have them without *every* damn dumb fuck having them.
2) This gun was left *loaded* in the house. Not just anywhere in the house, but in the childs bedroom, above it's bed, hanging on a rail. Now how fucking dumb do you have to be to think this is a good idea? Dumb enough to be institutionalised? I should hope so.
3) The phrase "The sale of guns has surged in the US after the terrorist strike."
4) The fact the local sherif is still investigating. Investigating *what* exactly? These parents should be up for manslaughter, or whatever passes for that in america. There should be specific laws about keepiong firearms in your house. *My* personal view on the subjects is that you should not be alowed to keep firearms in your house, but thats just a personal view. Any sane person on the planet would agree that if you *do* have a gun at home, it should not be kept loaded, and it should be kept well out of the reach of children.

This started me on a more general rant that 99% of the people in the world are too damn dumb, or, if they are not dumb, they are pig-ignorant, selfish, conceited, or just plain old evil. Some manage to be a mixture of all the above. I based this on my journay into work. I get a bus every morning, and the same shit happens time after time. The number of times I end up sat next to a person who's personal hygene is not up to standard. Their body oder is an attack on my sense of smell. This is in the mornings ffs, they should have just had a wash/bath/shower. It is sometimes obvious that these people have not been near water for days. Now if this person was a bum, a tramp, a homeless person, you could rightly feel sorry for them, and think yourself lucky that you *can* bathe more than once a year. But these people are *business* people. They wear suits and carry breifcases. They *should* be able to afford things like de-oderant.
I also get the mothers with their pre-school kids on the bus, and the kids are playing merry hell, and the mothers are ignoring them. I dont want children, one of the reasons is i dont want to deal with them when they are playing merry hell. I especially dont want to have to deal with them kicking the backs of my legs all the way to work.
Then you have the idiot drivers who think that busses shouldn't be on the road, and try to drive them off it. it's a fact of life that busses have to stop to let people on and off, so why is it that when the bus slows, the cars behind blare their horn, or try suicidle moves to get round the bus before it's pulled into the bus stop? Because those 30 seconds they saved are *that* important? It's no wonder so many people choose to clutter up the roads, and poison the air with their leathal car fumes, when the alternative is public transport with the scum of the area.
As I was ranting about the general state of the world, some idiot had driven up the road by the side of the building. This is a one way road, the opposite way to which he was driving. He met a bus coming the other way, both vehicles slaming on the breaks. This idiot gets out of his car and threatens the bus driver for driving on the wrong side of the road.

It would have been nice if the world had tried to prove me wrong rather than prove me right.

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