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Airport security madness - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Airport security madness
My sister left for her holiday yesterday to Spain. The flights out of the UK were still a bit messed up - so her flight was a couple hours late. The strange thing was, she was not allowed *ANY* carry on baggage. *ANY* ... how fucking daft is this? My sister had to put her handbag into her suitcase, and carry the few personal items (like her cigarette lighter, and her travel tablets) onto the plane in a see-through plastic bag. Now I know there needs to be security at the airports, but this is a tad too much. Carrying your personal belongings on to the plane in a clear bag wont stop the fact that the ground crew have stashed guns under the seats. Insensitive? Perhaps - but lets get a grasp on reality here. My sister had a towel, a spare pair of underwear, a camera, cigs, a colouring book for her 7 year old daughter and some felt tip pens. Tell me how that is a security issue. When ever I have flown I get my bag checked by the guys at the airport. On a couple of occasions they have all but taken various electrical equipment to pieces ( I always travel with a digital camera and a mini disk). There is no way I'm putting these into my luggage. That stuff gets thrown around! I want my camera to hand. I want to be able to listen to *MY* music on the flight. I also want to read a book. So they want me to take this all in a clear plastic bag? Perhaps they should do background checks of people flying for known terrorist links first. Or am I over simplifying the whole thing? ...

I spent most of today getting my shit in order.
I have screens for the windows so the bugs cant get in. I have floor space now (not a lot - but enough) I have a space (temporarily) for everything. Life is good. I took my dad to the pool hall tonight. I played very badly, up till the last couple of games. In our usual pact - only the last game counts. (don't ask - it's a father - son thing) and I left him with 6 balls on the table. The victory might have been mine - but the moral victory must be his.
I went to the karaoke pub. I was supposed to record Karaoke Pete singing "Runaround Sue" but he didn't sing it in the end. It was weird being in the pub with my sister not there. It did mean Ed the belly had no-one else to talk to - so he talked my arse off for the whole time. It wasn't quite a karaoke night - neither Colin or Lisa was there - but the singing was it's usual mix of great and piss-poor ... I love the place ! :)

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