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Vacation = useless music stats - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
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Vacation = useless music stats
I'm on a forced vacation. I have to be away from the office for 10 consecutive working days to somehow prove I am not doing something fraudulent.

I have spent the last couple days doing things I just never normally get around to; like laundry! (I have washed everything this week.) and tidying, and stuff. I have also spent a bit of time sorting out my music on the PC. I am finally free of the clutches of Apple - all my music is now DRM free. (iTunes is terrible software. Now I no longer have an iPod I need to be able to play my purchased music on devices/software that can't cope with Apple's DRM.)

I listen to a lot of music. I was a big fan of Spotify until they got so popular that their support team disappeared. I now subscribe to Deezer - it's virtually the same product except it is web based. At a fiver a month it's not particularly expensive and it means I don't have to buy an album to see if I like it - I can test it out on Dezzer first!

A long time ago I signed up to last.fm so I could keep track of my tracks (geddit?) I have just passed the ¼million scrobbled tracks landmark... the last time I noticed a milestone I was unable to do it justice... but as I am on vacation I present a bunch of useless stats about my listening habits:

Since the 25 September 2006; I have scrobbled 229,323 tracks. That's an average of 102 tracks per day.

I currently have 7,547 MP3's in my library with a total play time of 22 days, 30 minutes and 38 seconds. That makes for an average track length of about 4:12

102 tracks of 4:12 is about 7 hours and change. I rarely listen to music on Sundays so that makes it closer to 8 and a half hours of music listened to per day (except Sundays).

I accomplish this mostly at work. My MP3 player is rarely off from the moment I leave the house until I get home. That would account for around 40-45 hours a week.

If I take just the past 12 months* my top artists look a bit like this:
That's a nice mixture! There's a couple of surprises in there (for me.) I have only recently downloaded Cage the Elephant's album - so being that high in the list is a little surprising. I did have "Ain't No Rest For The Wicked" on repeat for a couple weeks so perhaps that has skewed the results a little. I have also only just downloaded "The xx" and I have no reason to have played them so much other than I really like their tracks.

The top tracks tell a different tale:
The top ten are all songs I sing at karaoke, and so I would have listened to these songs a lot on a Saturday afternoon before I head down the pub! (I have a karaoke play list). Birdhouse and Dakota are also karaoke songs - but I obviously don't listen to them nearly enough.

*I take the last twelve months because when I started scrobbling I only had a subset of my current tracks, and those tracks will always be over sampled compared to the newer ones.

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