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Things - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
It was an interesting extra long weekend.

Dora had an urge to go somewhere - so on Saturday we visited Bodian Castle via a trip on the The Kent & East Sussex Railway which runs a steam train service between Tenterden and Bodiam, making that part of the journey very much part of the day out!

The castle, to quote the national trust, is a perfect example of a late medieval moated castle. Dora and I explored it top to bottom, the top parts taking the wind out of both of us.

After a short break for some cream tea and stalker ducks we shot some arrows. Not in the sense my dad does every Thursday at the working mans club - I mean real arrows using a real bow! It was the highlight of the year. I scored a gold (the middle) and a couple reds (the bit around the middle) after my first half a dozen shots missed the target completely.

Saturday evening was a dash back to Romford for some of the best karaoke in the land of the Albert.

Sunday; Dad and I had a nice dinner in "The Spoons" before going to see Prometheus (picking up Jules on the way). Prometheus was something of a disappointment. There may be a long post about this at some point in the future if I remember. After the film had finished Jules convinced me that more karaoke was what I needed... so off to the Durham Arms we walked in the rain.

Monday I bottled the wine I have been brewing. I didn't get anywhere near the 6 bottles I was supposed to... I shall be making bigger batches going forward. I met up with Jules again, this time with Pete, for another trip to the cinema - this time for MIB3 which was very enjoyable.

The rest of Monday was spent playing Diablo III... which appears to be working as expected now. Gareth and I linked up and waded through Act III of the Nightmare level. There are times when it is almost impossible to kill some of the mobs.

Tuesday was also mostly spent playing Diablo III.

Today I bought an SD card so I now have a working Raspberry Pi. I also need to get a cheap USB keyboard so I don't have to unplug this one each time I want to play with the new toy!

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