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Trailwalker 2011 - training walk two. - The Paranoid Android — LiveJournal
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Trailwalker 2011 - training walk two.
Bradley and I got up at "0:TooEarly" last Sunday to get another training walk in for the fast approaching 100km hike for Oxfam. This one would start from where we ended last time, and go all the way to the end of the course (stages 9, 10 and 11 - about 30km.)

We met at London Bridge at 09:00 to chaos on the ticket machines... but managed to get everything sorted and a bacon butty breakfast before boarding the train.

We arrived in Hassocks (that still amuses me) at about twenty to eleven and set off.

We took the non lethal route to Check Point 8 (no walking along busy A-roads with no pavements and blind corners this time!) which was most pleasant... until the first hill.

I was also stupid enough to comment that the weather was almost ideal (it was cloudy, stiff breeze, but not cold).

After that killer hill the going was good. It was about 20 minutes into stage 9 that it started to rain. At first it was just light stuff... I didn't bother to get my waterproofs out of my pack, and Bradley informed me he hadn't bothered to bring his along at all! It was about an hour later that the rain got heavy enough that I dug my gear out of my pack. Bradley had just a cap to keep the rain from his hair... the rest of him got a good soaking.

This was, by far, the longest stage we was doing.

The next stage was tiny in comparison

What it lacked in length - it made up for in bastard.

By now we were both seriously soaked, my waterproofs had given up, and my feet were swimming (my boots are about as waterproof as toilet paper) so blisters and aching legs was about all I could think about. Amazingly Bradley still seemed cheerful, and joked about the sense of accomplishment we would feel on Monday.

Stage 11 is also a short stage.

Stage 11 also starts with a bastard hill. By now my calves were on fire, I felt as if my groin was about to tear apart, my soggy feet were more blister than anything else, and to add insult to injury the rain decided to up its game. Even the ever cheerful Bradley couldn't cope with the insult and our heads went down, all conversation stopped as we willed ourselves to the end.

From the end of the course - we had to walk to the station. This appeared to be all downhill but right near the end there was another hill.

This just about killed me, but we made it - got the train home, and I live to tell the tale!

The profile for the full walk looks like this:

If you would like to sponsor me for this madness you can click this link. Thank you muchly.

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