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The day after that day. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The day after that day.
Today was a strange day, in it's normal-ness. At work we had the same old problems, but for a very new, and dire reason. The American stock exchange has been frozen. As an employee of an American bank, all trading was suspended as at 5pm last evening. Our systems don't cope well with a day of non-trading. Because I was several thousand miles from the events of yesterday they seemed unreal, almost like a naff Bruce Willis movie. Having little reminders that those pictures where real enough to effect my work today was unsettling. We had an office in the lower floors of the southern tower, all our employees where evacuated safely. I got this piece of information in my internal mail at 10 o'clock this morning. And yet, with all of this weirdness, there was a "get the job done" attitude. I played pool at lunchtime (which is fast becoming a daily practice) and the big tv's at the pool hall were switched to the 24 hour news channel, not MTV - or the sports channel as they usually are.
I played 5-a-side football tonight. My team won again! .. 12-7, although we was 7-3 down at one stage we scored 9 unanswered goals! When I got home home there was nothing but analysis on the TV and radio, so I had myself a long bath in silence, then I've come to my PC and am playing MP3's that I've downloaded in the past couple days. My escapism of the cruel world .....

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