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The power of Zero... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The power of Zero...
...or how I am an idiot who was nearly £4.5k in debt

I received an email last week prompting me to enter readings from my energy meters (gas and electric). I forgot - so I got a slightly ruder email today letting me know.

I scrambled under the stairs for the gas reading, then under a kitchen counter for the electric reading and, in normal Saturday morning dazed state, I entered my readings to the website.

My gas reading should have been 0503.1

I entered 5031

When the screen came back with my accounts current status it looked like this:

I've just got off the phone - and I have been (reliably?) informed that the direct debit of more than £700 should not hit my account on Monday, it should be a more reasonable £100ish.

The very nice people at Scottish Power did indeed stop the huge direct debit, and my bank account is much healthier for it!

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