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New shinys!

It's bonus time.

This is normally the time of year when I clear down any balance on my credit card (Christmas can be expensive!) and if there's anything left I treat myself to something nice.

This year was a little different because my bonus was a little better than usual; not quite the £300k the papers were talking about, but not quite the £300 I've got the last couple years!

That's lucky because my washing machine has given up on me. I think it says something about how I might have grown up a little when I get excited about a new washing machine - but I am!

Okay, I might not be *that* grown up, because I have also bought myself an Xbox, and a Zune, and upgraded my PC with a solid state drive so that WoW loads faster (oh-em-gee does it load faster now!)

In my defence, the washing machine does cost more than all my new toys combined!

The problem with buying new toys is that you then want to buy the accessories that go with them. A case and a charger would be nice for the Zune. Some games for the Xbox (I am borrowing a friend's games at the moment - the Xbox came without a single game bundled!!) A rechargeable battery pack for the Xbox controller would also be nice. This all adds up - especially when the average new title for Xbox costs between £30-£50!

So now I am broke (well - I have spent all my bonus) but I have shiny new things to play with.
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