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Full of dumb. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Full of dumb.
Last week was a bit heavy on the liver damage front. There where 3 different Christmas events I attended, and one leaving drinks. It was during the last of the Christmas events, a "treasure hunt" that involved 9 different pubs, that I mislaid my backpack; and by that I mean I left a pub and my backpack didn't.

I like my backpack. It's been a constant travelling companion for at least 7 years. I also like my iPod, which was in my backpack at the time, plus my new hat, noise cancelling earphones, my copy of Cataclysm - World of Warcraft Expansion, and even the rather dodgy Sci-Fi book I have been reading on the train for the last week or so, which were also all in my backpack.

After inquiring at a few of the pubs I remember visiting towards the tail end of the evening I resigned myself to the inevitable.

There was one last pub I hadn't managed to track a number for. Today I did manage to get a number for it, and they do indeed have a backpack that was handed in on Thursday evening. After telling them the contents I remembered being in there they seem pretty sure it's mine. I am such a happy bunny right now it's beyond words.

I shall be visiting the pub this evening to go collect it. I may just have to have a celebratory drink if all turns out well.

Current Mood: happy happy

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