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International jetsetter - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
International jetsetter
Yesterday was a long day. It started a lot sooner than it should (about 6:30) and didn't finish until ... well... it just didn't finish really.

I got up at that ungodly hour because I needed to get a half days work done by 12:00. My usual starting time of 10:60 wasn't really an option; so an early start was the only option.

My fixed deadline of 12:00 was because I was due to catch a flight for Zürich at 13:35, and I was catching that flight because I was due to see Peter Gabriel at "Zürich Hallenstadion" at 18:00.

The concert was fantastic. Billed as "Orchestra, No Guitar, No Drums" it's quite different, but the orchestra (the New Blood Orchestra) were amazing and managed to create something very "Peter Gabriel"-ish without actually sounding like anything he'd done before.

Highlight of the night: A version of "Don't Give Up" with Ane Brun, a Norwegian singer/songwriter with an unusual, yet still very good, voice. Kate bush: she is not; it was still a very good version.

After getting back from the Gig L. and I chatted and drank beer until just a couple hours before I needed to be making my way to the airport for the flight back to Blighty and work.

I'm not sure I slept much of those two hours... it doesn't seem like it. I am now running on caffeine and sheer bloody mindedness.

Tonight I help Mr Orr celebrate 25 years at the firm... if I can stay awake that is.

Current Mood: tired tired
Current Music: Peter Gabriel - Family Snapshot

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tabby_of_doom From: tabby_of_doom Date: October 1st, 2010 11:33 pm (UTC) (Link)

I was -4 years old but...

Oh, how I envy you seeing Peter Gabriel! I could almost hate you, almost. I've recently fallen in love (again) with 1970's Genesis Peter Gabriel, and his beautiful performance of "The Musical Box" (the 6-hour deal set in Belgium) makes my heart ache.

Seething and stewing in a stew of enviable envy, yet I love you still.

Glad you made it home. Go to sleep.
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