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Rock! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Last night I saw Spinal Tap's "One Night Only - World Tour" at the Wembley Arena with Jim. They were... Spinal Tap. There is no other adjective that fits the bill.

To borrow the words of Marty DiBergi: "...that night, I heard a band that for me redefined the word "rock and roll". I remember being knocked out by their... their exuberance, their raw power - and their punctuality. That band was Britain's now-legendary Spinal Tap. Seventeen Twenty five years and fifteen some albums later, Spinal Tap is still going strong. And they've earned a distinguished place in rock history as one of England's loudest bands."

We met Dora and Vincent there. I had my view obscured by tall people.

There were guest appearences by Keith Emerson (who destroyed a hammond organ), Justin Hawkins (with a fantastically cool bass guitar shaped like a shuttle), plus a couple I can't remember.

The video for The Majesty of Rock is full of awesome.

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