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Leon leaves... - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Leon leaves...
Last Thursday "Karaoke Pete" came over so that Leon or I could look at his laptop. He must have been surfing some pretty dodgy websites because it took Leon most of the evening to rid his machine of the viruses and spyware.

Whilst Leon fixed the laptop I introduced Pete to Guitar Hero. An image springs to mind of a crack dealer enticing a new customer... I'm not sure why! ;) Pete also brought some lemon-grass flavoured beer with him which was surprisingly tasty.

Friday night was Leon's leaving bash at PickWicks. I have been to Pickwicks a couple of times before. The landlady tends to get a little wasted and then all semblance of order goes out of the window. What is has going for it is it's close to Leon's office, the landlady thinks the light shines out of Leon's rear, and it's not unusual to locked in at the end of the night where the party carries on until the small hours... or until the trains start running again.

We all met up at a Wetherspoons nearby. There was a guild meet (Leon's guild, not mine!) going on last weekend so quite a few of them popped by too! A room pub full or WoW geeks is awesome! I was also introduced to Laura... (Leon was is being the match-maker) then a big group of us headed off to Pickwicks.

I sang "Chasing Cars." Apart from not being giving the mic until after the song had started (have I said how unorganised Pickwicks is?) I don't think I did too bad a job of it. With a little practice it might become my favourate karaoke song!

There was no beer (or indeed any type of alcohol) on Tap at pickwicks. The refrigeration unit was broken or something, so I was drinking tins of guiness. It is just as well I was the only one as there were only about 6 tins in the fridge.

Leon and "his girls" sang a few songs very well... then other punters in the pub started with the usual trashy shouting and screaming into the mics and generally ruining it for everyone but themselves. I spent a great deal of the night outside the pub in the "smoking area" just to avoid the nonsense inside.

It was past late and well into early when I was approached by a guy organising taxis asking if I required a cab. I was about to say no outright but Leon interjected by asking how much it would cost. We were quoted £40. This is amazing because a trip home from Romford station (3-4 miles) costs £20 after midnight! A quick google puts the trip home in the region of 14 miles! Leon and I decided that as the night had lost some of its appeal and we're no longer young men getting a cab home for £40 is a bit of a bargain so that's what we did.

Saturday I had to be at Becontree station for noon. I was feeling a little tired and just a lot hung over but a long shower and a cup of tea works wonders. I made it to Becontree on time where I met G. We headed off to the Oval to see Surrey lose to Middlesex in a rather pedestrian game of limited overs cricket.

I meant to log into WoW to see how my guildies were doing on Saturday evening but once I got home it all seemed too much and I grabbed an early night.

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