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Run over by a bus, the day a helecopter landed in the road outside work. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Run over by a bus, the day a helecopter landed in the road outside work.
Work was interesting today. I seemed to get a lot done with very little effort. I likes! Trev (my boss) came to see me this afternoon about the mail I sent him on Saturday. He wanted to clear up some of the points on it. I was frank, to the point of bluntness, about the moron who currently does the recs, and Trev left a tad speachless. Do I feel guilty for dropping someone at work in the shit, from a great height? No. He has survived this long in the job off the backs and hard work of others. If I didn't drop him in it, I'm sure he'd have lived off *my* hard work, and I will loose all the credit for the work I've done.
Come lunch-time there was an interesting development outside the building where I work. A helicopter had landed in the street! Someone had walked in front of a (stationary) bus, to be knocked down by another bus passing it. The poor driver couldn't have had a seconds notice, and now has to live with the fact [s]he has killed a person. To make matters worse it would seem the person who was knocked down was a 14 year old boy. What a mind-fuck! The helicopter was an air ambulance, but the kid died on the way to the hospital. The police roped off the whole area, and I had to walk 3 sides of a block to get to lunch. On the way back, everything had been cleared away, only the bus was left in the middle of a deserted road.
This afternoon I spent drawing flow diagrams of the logic behind the data enrichment program I wrote 4 years ago, and in my usual style, didn't document! It will need to be re-written for the new GL installation, and they probably wont want to rely on a basic module written by a "user"

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