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5-1 ... The best football game I've ever seen. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
5-1 ... The best football game I've ever seen.
What a lazy weekend! After I came home from work yesterday, I got a phone call from Matt. "will I go to the pub to watch the football with him?" To be honest - I'm not the worlds biggest football fan - and when ever I watch England play they loose. Especially when they play germany. So after being nagged for about 20 minutes, I agreed to go watch them. He turned up in his new company car, an Alfa Romeo GTV ... It's a *very* nice car. It's fast, sticks to the road like shit to a blanket, and it sounds like a tiger. We drive into Romford (not the nicest of places at the best of times) so I speak nicely to the security guard where I work, and he lets us park under the building. Romford looked like a ghost town, there was just *no-one* on the streets! We get to the Global (dodgy pub but has a very big TV screen) and there was a queue waiting to get in. It was now only 5 minutes to the kickoff, and we're worried we'll get to see the game at all! We manage to get into Yates (another dodgy pub) but notice the screen everyone is watching is smaller than the TV in my bedroom. We walk past the Moon, Eddies and the Hog's which were all *totally* empty becuase they had no TV's. We Get to Trax (probably the most troubled bar in Romford) and there is no queue, and they have Several Large screen TV's! *YAY* So Matt gets the drinks in just as the whistle is blown and Germany Kick-off.
Within 6 Minutes Germany had scored. I was resigning myself to watch yet another humiliating defeat when 6 minutes later Owen equalised. The crowd in the pub livened up a bit, and the singing started. Germany looked dangerous a couple times, missing an open goal half way through the first half. As the first 45 minutes ended Beckham was fouled not far from the penalty box. His cross in was headed back to Gerrard who hammered it home. Half-time and we are 2-1 up. I felt gooood :) During half time the pub was singing all the good football songs. Three minutes into the second half Owen scored his second, and in the 66th minutes hit a screamer past the german keeper. Heskey scored a fifth with about 15 minutes to go. The pub was now full of *very* happy people!
Final score 5-1. We stand a very good chance of getting auto qualification to the cup :)

Today I have spent most of the early afternoon chatting to my love. I was surprised to see her online so early! after dinner I played Diablo II again. It aoys me that when you save and exit the game - all the monsters are respawned so you have to fight your way through the same levels again. My Paladin is now level 17 :) My enemies crumble before my feet! >cackles madly

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