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Elbow - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I went to see Elbow tonight with Misty. I had bought a single ticket (because frankly I've given up relying on people to come to gigs with me) and Misty had also purchased tickets for the same night. Unfortunately Misty had purchased two, but came alone (she has yet to give up on her mates going to gigs!) and was unable to give away her spare ticket! Unwilling to line the numerous touts' pockets she came away with her ideas intact (if £20 light in pocket!)

We arrived early enough to grab something to eat before the event... a chicken burger from Nandos which was quite divine! I was also surprised to find at the venue they had Old Speckled Hen on tap (even if it is the "smooth" version) for a mere £3! I pay more than that in some pubs!

"Fed and watered" we wandered into the standing area and sat down. We wasn't alone... the support act was yet to start and there were not many people there... most were still in the bar area.

The support act was not fabulous. She reminded me of Phoebe (of Friends) - A lone acoustic guitarist who sang quirky songs and had some tree arrangement growing out of her head.

The standing area started to fill up - and most were now standing (Misty, a couple close by on our right, and I remained seated) but as one of the couple stood Misty and I realised we would need to get off our collective arses.

It was about then that the annoying couple came and stood behind us - and the really tall smelly guy stood in front of me. Now I don't want to start a rant but it really pisses me off when I bother to get to a gig early enough to get into a good position to watch the band, then at the last moment some (usually abnormally tall) guy fights his way forward having arrived at the last moment and stands in front of me. It makes me want to stab them in the back of the neck with my Biro. /rant.

The band came out on stage and started to play Starlings. The first thing I notice (well the first thing I notice after the fact that misty has gone all mushy with "that grin" on her face) is that it's almost a perfect reproduction of the recording, the band all seem to be able to play a number of instruments each (the bassist, guitarist, and keyboard player, and Guy are all playing brass!) and the backing string quartet are all very attractive looking girls who are also good singers!

The sound at the roundhouse was fantastic. It was loud enough (well almost) to drown out the idiot couple behind me, but not so loud that your ears bleed. The bass and my stomach became close friends. They played their way through The Seldom Seen Kid album which contains the song that maps Misty's and my point in life... Grounds For Divorce. The one song conspicuous by its absence is One Day Like This as they go on to play songs from Leaders of the Free World and others of their back catalogue - I lean over to Misty and suggest One Day Like This will be the encore.

The end of Newborn was amazing (I hadn't heard it before) The keyboards were thumping and the harmonics went straight from the speakers to my brain without touching anything between. It was primal (I was in a sensory daze) and that's fast become another favourite just because it reminds me of those moments. Sadly I don't get the same effect from the album.

Towards the end of the gig Guy tells us there is only one more song left. We boo. He says there's more. We Cheer. Repeat this for minutes... many minutes... and Guy saying we'd tire of it before he does - but we didn't. He says that the whole screaming more for the encore is so orchestrated! - So instead we are to sing a song and they will come out and sing some more. We spend some time working out what we are going to sing... the rules are "no Elbow, no football chants." There are suggestions from the crowd - some good and some terrible (it is a song we are all supposed to know!) until Guy decides on My Old Man's A Dustman! He tells us to remember to sing it so he can be surprised and come back to sing more! We laugh and they start into One Day Like This

I was wrong about the encore - but I don't care - I love this song. As they start Guy explodes two tube of silver strips and streamers over the crowd and balloons are released from the rafters. I sing my heart out (as do most around me) and we bat the balloons about. Misty was excited by the silver strips and streamers! As the song ends people start popping the balloons. It was like a 21 gun salute, or a firework display, it seemed to fit perfectly in with the mood.

We sing My Old Man's A Dustman (or the chorus at least) for what seems to be hours (probably just minutes). The band come out again and play the encore... the songs of which are lost to me.

Moments from the evening that should also be documented! Guy dealt with the hecklers (good natured for the most part) excellently. He was so comfortable - it was like we were all friends. The drummers mum and dad are in the audience (sat in the upper circle) and we all wave to them and they wave back.

Misty and I walk to the station very happy bunnies. It was a superb gig.

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nuala From: nuala Date: October 29th, 2008 02:17 pm (UTC) (Link)
I missed when you posted this. I am now even more green with jealousy than I was. Le sigh.
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