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Nice surprises - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Nice surprises
Friday was BB and Jeet's last day in the office. Jeet's been made a partner at one of the Big four and BB is off to be a lady of leisure for a while. There was a leaving bash at Abacus... a place I recently ended up in until the not so small hours of the morning before hurling in the doorsteps of a police station then getting the first train of the morning home.

I was not so foolish on Friday. Not only did I manage to get the last train home, I was still relatively sober! Sober enough that I was able to take tweezlebum up on her offer of shopping and a meal in Romford on Saturday which turned into shopping, a meal, and watching How to Lose Friends & Alienate People which was funny and an enjoyable watch.

Sunday Joanne and I played some badminton but skipped the swim this time. I near smashed my thumb with a badly timed serve (I really should know to move my hand out of the way of my racquet!)

After a fabulous potato bake I chatted with the 'rents until it was time for Top Gear! No snoozing in front of the TV this week... it must be the swimming that normally kills me.

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