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Excitement - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Last night I was leaving work at about 8 o'clock and mentioned in jest to one of my guv'nors that we hadn't played pool for a couple of weeks. (He's a keen player!) He thought I was fishing for someone to play and before I could say "eight ball middle pocket" we were heading off to The Elbow Room.

After a bit of a shaky start (I was 3 games down at one point) I managed to claw my way back to level and at 7 games each we decided to make it best of 15... It went all the way to the black which I sunk under immense pressure!

The Elbow Room is not known for its selection of beers (it's a pool lounge!) so it was a choice of lager, bottle larger, Guinness, or Swedish cider made from... wait for it... mixed fruits! I always thought cider was made from apples... perry from pears... but had never heard of anything like cider from mixed fruits! (Those crazy Swedes!)

I had a sip from the bottle and the predominant taste was blackcurrant. It was a light, slightly fizzy, blackcurrant like taste. Served in a glass with ice it was most refreshing and after 4 bottles I was still relatively sober... which is, perhaps, how I managed to catch up and eventually beat my guv'nor! :)

When I arrived back in Elm Park I spotted a fire engine by the shops as I walked from the station... then I spotted another, and a third. One of the flats above the shops had smoke damage above it's windows which were broken. There was still a ladder against the side of the building and there were quite a few firemen standing about. There was also two police cars, a fire brigade "Control Centre" vehicle plus an unmarked car with a magnetic blue light on top. Walking past the rear entrance of the shops I saw a fourth fire engine.

There's no way I can be classed as the brightest crayon in the box. It's taken me about an hour to realise it's a bit cold in here... only to find out it's more than a bit cold - it's 18°C (just over 64°F) and my heating has not come on. After a quick "reboot" (it's amazing how many things can be fixed by switching them off then back on) it appears to be working again and the indoor temperature is creeping up slowly but surely! :)

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