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Ray leaves, Rounders match win! - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Ray leaves, Rounders match win!
Today I tried to fit in 3 days work into about 5 hours. It doesn't work. So not all of the work will get done - and I'll have to go into work tomorrow.
The reason I only had 5 hours? - Well, it's a long story, so I'll start near the beginning.
I was supposed to get in early today, because Ray (some guy from Finance) left today, and so did most of our HR (or "Personal-Hell") Department. They had the whole upstairs of a pub booked, and the bar was free!! I wasn't going to miss that - 99% of the company past and present was there, it was like reunion central! I didn't make it in early (there's a surprise).
I was also leaving early because a "sporting evening" had been arranged, and I was playing in the Finance rounders team. Rounders, according to the websters dictionary, is "a game of English origin that is played with ball and bat and that somewhat resembles baseball." ( You have to love the way that's phrased, *I* would say that baseball resembles rounders in about the same manner that *American* football resembles Rugby football.) There was four teams playing, and we won 2 of our games, and lost the other one by 1/2 a rounder. Eventally - the team that beat us lost to a team we'd beat by more than 1/2 a rounder, so we won. Get that? I didn't, but we got the trophy, and the winners medals, so I'm a happy bunny ! :)
During all this I found out that the party tomorrow wasn't going ahead. Well it wasn't, then it was, then it wasn't, then it might be, then at about 11:00 it was finally definately not. I'm kinda gutted, as I'm sure I'd have enjoyed it. You have to feel sorry for poor minxee who worked hard to set it all up. >sends hugs<

On a side note, I've got serious back ache. I think I must have slept funny, or slept in a draught. It made running around a field *interesting* and now I'm finding it hard to straighten myself up. Time for bed ...

Current Music: Cranberries, The - Ode To My Family

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dissolved_girl From: dissolved_girl Date: September 2nd, 2001 03:19 am (UTC) (Link)
>hugsya< thanks for being there and trying hun.. you're a true friend :)
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