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Near death and someone else's top 50 - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Near death and someone else's top 50
I'm sure my sister tried to kill me on Saturday. We were supposed to play badminton last Tuesday, but the sport's centre didn't have a record of my booking, and the hall was being used for other things, so we booked Saturday. Jo had not played badminton before... or so she said... and so I was to "Go easy on her" After she ran me ragged around the court for an hour she decided a swim was in order! I nearly drowned! but I did manage 10 lengths in a pool we had all to ourselves.

Mum looked after me Saturday afternoon... feeding and watering me! :) I wasn't going to be there on Sunday as teya_uk and I were going to the cinema to go see something. In the end we didn't and I spent Sunday messing about on the internet spending far too much on music in iTunes.

It was while playing in iTunes and last.fm that I discovered a meme about your top 50 scrobbled artists... and as I had nothing better to do with myself I thought I'd fill it in!

I got a list of my top 50 and I was shocked... and horrified... at what was there! (You can see what was there under the cut!)

Depeche Mode at number one I can understand. I do own pretty much every CD they have ever released and there is less than a handful of their songs I don't like... really like... like a lot... and Wolfsheim are pretty much the German Depeche Mode.

So the top of the chart would appear to be as you would expect. Anyone who knows my taste in music would probably get the top three.

But after the top three it gets a little strange. I quite like Billy Bragg, but if I was to make a top 10 chart of my favourite artists from the top of my head, he wouldn't feature - he definitely wouldn't be in the top 5. Likewise Bob Dylan! He's a great song writer - you could call him an poet - but he can't sing and he wouldn't appear in my top 10.

The one that totally amazed me was all the way down at 40... Sufjan Stevens. I'm not a big fan... in fact you could say I'm no fan at all. Misty is - and it would have been Misty who ripped it and put it on iTunes.

After the initial confusion I realised what was happening. Because I leave iTunes on random a lot of the time for some background noise whilst I play on the web the artists which get a lot of play are generally those I have the most tracks of on my computer. After the great disaster of 2001 where I lost 2 200Gb drives of mp3s I have never managed to get all my CDs back on my computer. I have also never gotten around to rating my favourites... so the "Play highly rated tracks more often" setting in
iTunes is of little to no use to me. I need to spend a little time each week to remedy this... get my cd's ripped and sorted and rated. Perhaps in a years time I'll go back and see if my top 50 has changed - and if it resembles my mental top 50 more closely.

This post is a bit of an experiment... work is still banning access to Livejournal so I'm using the "post by email" option - so this could go horribly wrong and I wont find out about it until this evening when I get home... so here's hoping!

  Artist Plays
1 Depeche Mode 3,568
2 Wolfsheim 2,473
3 Erasure 2,338
4 Billy Bragg 2,163
5 Radiohead 1,809
6 Bob Dylan 1,545
7 Yazoo 1,452
8 Ultravox 1,405
9 Queen 1,172
10 The Small Faces 1,137
11 Evanescence 1,121
12 The Stranglers 1,112
13 Moby 1,008
14 R.E.M. 1,006
15 Pink Floyd 1,001
16 Muse 986
17 Psyche 982
18 Dido 957
19 The Killers 945
20 Faithless 858
21 Yello 839
22 a-ha 804
23 The Jam 783
24 Madness 777
25 U2 755
26 Elbow 744
27 UB40 743
28 Visage 707
29 Thompson Twins 697
30 Tangerine Dream 692
31 Jimi Hendrix 691
32 Kaiser Chiefs 637
33 Coldplay 600
34 Squeeze 596
35 William Orbit 588
36 The Cranberries 586
37 Moxy Früvous 584
38 Siouxsie and the Banshees 579
39 Counting Crows 566
40 Sufjan Stevens 558
41 Snow Patrol 552
42 Echo & the Bunnymen 544
43 Matchbox Twenty 538
44 Suggs 536
45 Tears for Fears 527
46 Lene Lovich 523
47 The Verve 516
48 The Darkness 509
49 Gorillaz 499
50 Elton John 480

Current Mood: confused concerned
Current Music: Common People (Full LengthVersion) - Pulp

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wan1 From: wan1 Date: September 22nd, 2008 02:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

We missed you....

...Sunday lunch time. So why didn't you pop in? Your Pa (whose birthday it is today!!!!) now has to have Sunday leftovers (tattie-bake) for dinner this evening. Can you imagine what a hard-ship this is?!!

See you soon. LYL's x
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