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We was awoken quite rudely by another boat crashing into us at about… - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
We was awoken quite rudely by another boat crashing into us at about 6 in the morning. It wasn't a bad colision (we're both still afloat) but it was bad enough to tumble me out of bed. Gary went to get some supplies from the local Tescos. It started to rain in a big way. I'm pretty sure it had beeen raining most of the night, because I woke up a couple times and it had been raining heavily then. Gary said the underpass had been flooded so he had to try and cross the dual carrage way the hard way. Luckily Yarmouth is a bit of a sleepy town this time of year! A bit too sleepy it seemed, Gary had to wait an hour before the shops opened. After he returned, I cooked breakfast, and we waited for the tide to turn. During the slack water we set off for the south. It's a damn site easier to manouver when the water is not racing against you. The rain was very heavy by now, and the inside on the boat was getting steamed up from the heat from the stove, so visability was near to zero and putting the top down was not an option! I manage to clear the windows just enough to see by, and we managed to get through the broad without event. We traveled all the way to outland, and stayed there for the remainder of the day. We toured the town for something decent to do/look at, but theres not a lot here. I did find a very nice hat to keep the rain from my head, and a telescope in a sale (a little hand held telecope of course!) so I can do my "I see no ships - only hardships" joke a lot!
We played cards ( I won) and watched some really shit telly. I remember why I don't watch the damn thing now! To make things interesting I've got a sore throat and I think I might be getting a cold.
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