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The gas man cometh... or my day as the gas apprentice - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The gas man cometh... or my day as the gas apprentice
I bum another day off work! The gas man didn't arrive yesterday, he arrived today about 12ish. I didn't need to take the day off, but I prefer the idea of me being in my room while he is. It's because I'm a suspicious, paranoid guy! The boiler is a complete mess! One of the heat transfer units has sprung a leak. This is why the boiler has stopped lighting, there is a pool of water on the gas outlets. The bottom of the unit is rusted so badly it falls apart, the insulating at the sides and back have rusted, as has the condensation tray. In technical terms, it's fucked. I spend most of the early afternoon helping the gas man. (Can you fetch me a torch, can you fetch me a vacuum, can you fetch me some paper towels, have you got a Vax, some newspaper, a cup of tea..... I kid you not!) Turns out most of the bits that are damaged are not "shelf" items, and will have to be ordered. It'll be at least a week before it's working again. Luckily we have a combi boiler, it runs on gas *OR* electric, so we can use the electric instead. Otherwise it'd be cold baths for at least a week!

After he had left, I found (due to partially clearing my room yesterday) the expansion pack to Diablo II. So I installed that, and played it for about 6 hours. The two new character classes are good fun! (Especially the assassin!) After that - I came ol to speak to my love, and post a few journal entries (they are backdated, so they wont all appear on your friends lists all at once.) I Got about half-way through this post when LJ started to play up again, and my PC decided to reboot, so I lost it all. So I've re posted it from work.

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