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Beam me up Scotty. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Beam me up Scotty.
Two bloody hours... two whole blood hours!

Last night there was a fire at Earls Court tube station. Earls court is about... oooo... five miles WEST of the office where I work. Why is it then that the trains about fifteen miles EAST of where i work refused to venture past Dagenham for about an hour last night?

My journey is almost exactly an hour - door to door. There is about a ten minute walk at the beginning of the journey, and a second ten minute walk at the end. Add some faffing around and the actual train bit is about 35 minutes... give or take a couple of minutes. Last night I managed to get on a H&C train almost straight away... but it crawled between the stops and the ever helpful present automated voice kept telling me we were being held at a red light, and that information had been requested, and that said information would be passed on to us when (not if) it arrived.

After an hour said information was not forth coming and I'd managed to get all the way to East Ham. I waited there for a train that would venture further than Barking. I waited some time. There were a few H&C trains and a couple District trains - but they were all terminating at Barking. I had completed the crossword with the exception of 4 particularly difficult clues (one made more difficult it transpires by virtue of the fact I'd got another one wrong!)... and the 'Easy' and 'Moderate' Sudoku (I just don't seem to be able to complete the 'Challenging' one these days) and was fast running out of things to take my mind off the fact I was becoming increasingly pissed off about the whole thing.

It's all well and good to try and bring some order back to the system by turning around the occasional train early - but not every single bloody one of them! There may not be many (relatively speaking) people who live at the end of the line - but throw us a frickin bone please!

Eventually there was a train that ventured further east than Barking... but not quite as far as Elm Park... it terminated at Dagenham East. By now I was a broken man... so I boarded and sat quietly while a couple of those around me complained to the work in general about the overall crapness of the situation. I turned up my iPod (which thankfully had been on charge all day).

I finally got a connecting train which was actually going to make it to the end of the line... the journey had taken almost exactly 2 hours from station to station.

Not able to face going home (I had to rant to someone) I called Mum and asked her to put the kettle on. There's nothing like a nice hot cup of tea to put the world to rights. Mum is also something of a crossword wizard so was able to put me right on the clue I'd messed up - and fill in the blanks of the rest. After my puzzle was sorted and I was feed and watered I was feeling a lot better! I wandered off home and watched Saturdays Doctor Who episode, and the Confidential episode that follows it. I can't wait till next week now.

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