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The ultimate jukebox... the devil spawn sees all - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The ultimate jukebox... the devil spawn sees all
Didn't go to work today. I'm bumming off :) I tidy the small part of my room behind the computers. Hopefully we have a gas man coming to fix the boiler. My room being the state that it is needed to have enough space cleared around the boiler for the guy to get there. During this my mom hears the Flying pickets on my PC. It's an album she didn't know I had. So I decide to play it to them downstairs.
I amaze them with modern technology! I have about 300 CDs' ripped onto my PC; not my entire collection, about half of it. I brought my Laptop downstairs and via a cable thrown out of my bedroom window, I had it networked to my PC. So this way I can play the MP3's on my PC, through my laptop. It's better than trying to bring the CD's downstairs. My dad wonders what tracks I have on the laptop, so I show him the MP3 directory. He wonders how I get so many files on such a small box. I try to explain the concepts of networking, but fail miserably. My mum comes over to see what's exciting, she sees all the files on the screen (after getting her reading glasses) and says "how do you get all them in that little box", I try to explain the concepts of networking to her, and fail again. My sister and her little devil spawn daughter come over to see what's going on ... (you think you know where this is going?) ... My sister has a basic understanding of computers (she's managed to switch mine on once or twice) and seems to get it, Bianca on the other hand has the best explanation : the music is coming through the "tube". She's a smart one, which befits the devil daughter!

We play music all day, my laptop acting like a jukebox; the only exception being I like all the music on it :)

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