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Straight to bed with no supper. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Straight to bed with no supper.
I've been a little tardy updating recently. I attempted to update twice last week and never quite got around to it. There will be "backdated" entries appearing in a blog near here soon™

I'll start with Thursday for this entry and go from there. CV invited a few people out for post audit nibbles (and drinks of course) at Sitaaray - an "eat all you like" restaurant serving "dosas, tandoor specials, kebabs, and curries"

We got a train to Hoborn, popped into a very nice pub and had a drink until everyone caught us up. We walked to the restaurant where I proceeded to each enough to keep a small (ish) nation happily fed for a week. I could hardly move! The food was very tasty and arrived in small portions - but they kept coming - and I kept eating. It is shamefull really.

Sitaaray is really into the Bollywood thing - and there are pictures of all the big Bollywood stars all over the walls (and films and videos playing on TV's spread around the place). We commented on how a couple of the poses are obviously coping iconic Hollywood poses from the 50's and 60's ... Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth to mention a couple... but there was one picture that captured my imagination and made the others fade into the background.

After busting my gut we walked back to Hoborn station via another pub... and then Andy and I walked to Fenchurch Street to find it closed! We walked to Liverpool Street and to our dismay there was at least another 30 minutes before our next train... so we popped into Hamilton Halls for another swift one.

Friday I was not feeling in top condition as would be expected. I was feeling a little better by the time I left the house (the 3 S's helped considerably). Friday was the start of the annual Softball competition at work. We field a team per floor and over the space of 3 nights play between 3 and 5 games to find the winner of the building. We were to play the favourites (they win almost every year) but we beat them convincingly 30-13 with an innings to spare!

To celebrate we headed over to the Rack (suprise?) and had a couple of drinks whilst mocking various members of the team and congratulating others... (KC deserves an honourable mention for getting home twice and running someone out.) I managed to get home just the once... and was run out just the once too!

After drinks it was decided that a curry was needed (I was not part of this decision process!) so we headed to Brick Lane for a nice meal (20% off!!) and a free beer! I love the Brick Lane Haggle.

I was surprisingly clear headed Saturday Morning... as I got ready for some Scuba at the local pool... only to find I had my dates wrong. No early start is wasted, so I cleaned a little, baked some bread, cooked a damn good spag bol (even if I say so myself), and watched a couple DVD's.

Sunday was the usual: Great fish pie from Mum... good chat, watch another few episodes of Prison Break with Dad.

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wan1 From: wan1 Date: May 13th, 2008 04:16 pm (UTC) (Link)

Fish Pie....

....is a "pleaser" all round.
Glad you enjoyed.
LYL's x
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