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Porter - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
I had a good night.

I got an email from The Shooting Star a few weeks ago detailing various events at the pub over the following weeks. Last night there was supposed to live music from three bands... headlined by Porter. I sent a mail around at work as The Shooting Star is not more than a 10 minute walk away. I got a couple of replies back voicing some interest and a couple people come up to me and ask exactly where the pub was and what the bands were like (I have no idea!) so I thought there'd be a few there...

Yesterday I ask about and with one exception they had all forgotten. I've mailed out invites with less notice and I get moaned at because it's too late - but if I send a mail out 2 weeks before hand no-one remembers. I despair at times.

The one exception was Seb. She was quite keen from the start, so the pair of us headed out that way straight from work. Food seemed like a good plan, so we popped into the Indian restaurant almost directly opposite the pub and had a very nice meal.

As the main act was supposed to start at 9... and there was supposed to be 2 support bands... I was a little surprised that there was no-one (audience) there at 20:00 and no one playing. I asked when they was starting I was "reliably" informed 20:30. I honestly think Seb and I were the only two non band/staff members there at 20:30 ... and we stayed that way until about 21:00 when the first band actually started playing. This was made all the more bizarre by the fact that upstairs the main bar was heaving - there wasn't room to fit a slightly underweight shrew.

There was only the one support act, a guy playing acoustic guitar who reminded me a lot of the Big E (about 7' tall and built on the generous side of heavy.) He was a damn good guitarist, and had a reasonable voice, but after the forth or fifth song I was getting a little bored of it. He was also a little annoyed that he was playing to a grand total of a dozen people while the pub upstairs was full - and his snide remarks got a little old after a while - after all the ones who could hear it where the ones already watching him.

The main act started just before 22:00. They really were a "Jazz/Blues/Rock" band - which until I heard them thought was impossible! Unfortunately about 5 songs in Seb needed to leave so I was faced with the dilemma of letting her get to Moorgate alone and seeing the rest of the act, or leaving early and keeping my self respect. The latter won over and we left... but not before I purchased one of Porters CDs.

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