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Mostly - I woke late. - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
Mostly - I woke late.
A lovely long weekend.  Friday I woke late (mostly due to the shenanigans of Thursday night) and continued in my retro gaming revival.

After finding DosBox - an x86 emulator with DOS - I was able to load and play games that in the past have complained about being run in a cmd window in windows.

I found a few of the old games like Under a Killing Moon (which runs even better than it did on my old PC!) and Menzoberranzan which is really really crap (Oh my - how did I ever play it?). 

I also found Battlezone which kept me up half the night on Friday!  I remember getting stuck on one of the missions... you have 9 minutes to reccy the enemy's launch pad, which is in the middle of the enemy base (of course) and is surrounded by gun turrets and tanks.  I found a rather dodgy tactic of creating a few fast scouts to go into the base, and run out again which causes the majority of the enemy tanks in the base to follow them - then I run in - reccy the launch pad and run out before my armour is depleted.

I say this is a dodgy tactic as all my scouts end up dead - and I'm not normally that sort of commander... but as it's just a game - and it means I'm now one level further than I've ever been I'll accept that.  If I wasn't on a timer I'd have built up a superior force of heavy tanks and taken the base out... but there just wasn't enough time.

Saturday I woke late (mostly due to playing computer games until the small hours) and after checking my mail and LJ headed into Elm Park.  The plan: get some lunch and light bulbs (the ones in the living room keep popping - I really need the electrics looked at!) and meet G at the station.  We've found a scuba club at my local baths - we was going to sign up.  As usual G arrived about 30 minutes earlier than planned... but that's okay as I was already by the station (and had managed to eat and get the lights) so we got to the baths about 30 minutes before we were due.

At least waiting inside was better than waiting by the station - it had hailed on us already - and the wind was biting.  The guy we was due to meet was otherwise engaged, but we met his replacement instead and I'm now a member!  I think we'll be going back either Saturday or next Tuesday.  The perks of the club are quite good... it should be well worth the £100 for the year.

On my way home I got hailed on again.  I popped into the 'rents for a hot cup of tea and ended up there until dark.  It hailed, snowed and sleeted with a vengeance, but nothing settled and by the time I left the roads were clear.  It was damn cold though!  I caught up with a bit of TV with the iPlayer  a couple episodes of Ashes to Ashes (great 80's soundtrack), a couple of Torchwood, and Dawn; gets her man

At first I though this was going to annoy the crap out of me (I had liked her earlier show Dawn; gets naked-  a critique of the media for presenting an unreal body image to which girls are supposed to aspire.)  in her list of important things for her ideal man there was a lot of shallowness.  I was pleased to see that it didn't take long into the show for someone to point that out - and the business of finding a life long partner was taken a little more seriously than "looks good."

Sunday I woke late (mostly due to watching TV programs into the small hours of the morning!) and headed to the 'rents for Sunday dinner.  After a fab meal we watched a few more episodes of Spooks.  That about sums up Sundays for me! :)

I got home and played a little more Battlezone before heading to bed.

Monday I woke late (mostly because I could) and started with the usual weekend chores.  There was a lot of them as the last couple of weekends have been busy!  I changed the beds, vacuumed and did the laundry.  I read a bit and watch a couple of DVD's and avoided the computer!  I almost ended up asleep on the sofa with my feline blanket, but managed to drag myself up the stairs about midnight to my bed - I was so grateful that I'd bothered to make up the bed during the day so I could fall into bed.

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