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The Puppy Kicker - The Paranoid Android
...musings of a mechanically depressed robot...
The Puppy Kicker
Last night a few of us from work went out for a celebratory curry. We were celebrating the arrival of M.A.'s twins. There was a good mix of people out - a good time was had by pretty much all.

The most disturbing event of the evening was quite late on... Raz came back to the group after disappearing to the WC looking a little shaken. After a little prompting he told us he's just witnessed "Man Sex" in the loos! He was not the same for the rest of the night! The jokes then took a bit of a gutter-ward turn (if that's possible - B.A. had been on top form all night in that regard)

Poor K.C. put up with far more than her fair share of insults... and the new girl (Nini I think her name is) admitted to the worse things she'd ever done... I'm not sure she was ready for her first night out with the boys (I'm sure she wasn't expecting questions like that from her new boss!!) The buzz word of the evening was "HR!!" when ever the conversation took a turn that could get one or all of us sacked. In somehow related news - I'm now known as the puppy kicker.

It was a fabulous evening - and I'm only suffering slightly now.

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